Enjoy the Present, Keep the Memories

Meet Little Jack: High school football captain, baseball captain, and college recruit. His Mom knows sports seasons go quickly and celebrations are fleeting, but she’s got his jersey pendant to preserve the memories for years to come.

My Dad's Medals 2

I have every sports medal and honor my father ever earned as an athlete. I kept them because these tiny sports memories tell a story about the athletic teenage father I didn’t know at that age. I consider them treasures that honor his past events and commemorate his feats in the form of little silver and bronze carvings. When the time came to decide whether to keep my own childhood medals and trophies, I chose to pitch the whole lot of them as there was nothing of value left in the little pieces of cheap metal and plastic after the thrill of victory faded.

Time passes and remembrance fades, but the little trinkets that remind us of the good times can last forever if we find them charming. It’s also truth that the value of certain moments are more precious and poignant than others. These are the times when we are present and enjoy the moment. These are the moments to choose to preserve the memory in the form of a unique piece that is personalized and apropos.

I created these jersey pendants to be tangible memories that can be treasured as heirlooms to remember the good times watching our son play high school sports. Hopefully, I will get to watch my grandchildren pull this trinket out and acquaint them with their teenaged father as I recount his sports story in high school…

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